Aluminum alloys

“ADM” LLC specializes in production of secondary aluminum alloys, such as:

Foundry alloys according to ДСТУ 2839-94:

АК12, АК12ч, АК12пч, АК9, АК9ч, АК7, АК7ч, АК12м2, АК12М2МгН, АК9М2, АК8М3, АК5М7, АК5М2;

According to European standard EN:

EN47100, EN46000, EN 46100;

Primary group according to ДСТУ 11069-2003:

A0, A35, A5;

Deformable alloys according to ГОСТ 4784-97:

АД0, АД31, АМг6, В95;

Alloys for deoxidation according to ДСТУ 3753-98 (available in bars and granules 20-60mm diameter):

АВ87, АВ91, АВ97.

Also, production according to client’s specification is possible.

During the production such techniques as refining and homogenization, which allows to attain improvements in foundry and physical characteristics of aluminum alloys.

Bars are stacked into packs weighting no more than 900kg and are bonded with thick plastic tape. Each pack is marked with: number of melting (не уверен), weight of a pack, and mark of an alloy.

Control of all alloys is done using own lab equipped with a Spectrolab. Each party of metal includes quality certificate.

We are able to fulfill the market needs in high-quality products and ensure mutually beneficial co-operation.